About Arm & Arm

Arm & Arm’s Focus

Our Focus is to help individuals to live responsible, accountable and productive lives, by introducing tools necessary for making responsible, rational and reasonable decisions.  By developing the characteristics needed to overcome obstacles and face adversity in today’s society, our members become the person they want to be instead of living life in response to the external situations that they come across. 

Arm & Arm’s Cognitive Behavioral techniques helps bring self-awareness to individuals who are suffering from the repercussions of incarceration.  In addition, we direct our efforts towards individuals who have returned home from the military or a war campaign and feel let down or abandoned.  Research has shown that the re-entry process for Veterans and Returning Citizens is nearly identical.  Many individuals find themselves facing homelessness, involved in criminality, drug addiction, mental illness or any combination of these.


Arm & Arm produces an internal change.  A Change that will empower individuals with the tools necessary to have peace within themselves and their situation at hand. Rehabilitation is often used to describe the effects of incarnation. We at Arm & Arm focus on our members individual growth by using a cognitive approach that allows our members to gain a fresh perspective, a peace of mind and direction toward a better future despite life’s challenges.

​It is our goal to create a modern facility that is an alternative to incarceration. Our new strategic approach enhances their transition process. It requires a hands on method with active mentors, support through Arm & Arm members, friends, family, and counseling.

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