Our Work – Game on The Line Program

Accountability is the theme of the Open Discussion Phase

During the first four week phase of Arm & Arm participants begin to engage one another empathetically, through intense discussions about everyday life as a Returning Citizen. The Open Discussion Groups are the introductions to dialog between individuals who are struggling with the challenges of life as a Returning Citizen, and those who have learned, and incorporated tools to help them process situations and circumstances rationally to achieve proactive outcomes.

Responsibility is the Theme of the Workshop Phase

During this phase rational techniques are used to help individuals make rational decisions and achieve proactive/desired outcomes in daily situations. Rational Self Analysis, Rational Emotive Behavioral Techniques and Prolonged Exposure are introduced. Thinking Errors and Criminal Thinking Errors are also introduced, along with a host of other Self-Empowering Tools to assist in the transition process.

With the mastering and application of these tools, we have seen individuals go on to embrace, and build strong family units, and communities that will bring strength to this nation as a whole. One person, one family, one community at a time.

Productivity is the Theme of the Maintenance Phase

During the Maintenance Phase, participants hold alumni groups to share with one another their daily experiences of living life as a “Empowered Returning Citizen”. Alumni share personal, home, work, and societal experiences, and struggles. Here the engagement is on a deeper level, because individuals now have tools to practice pro-activity. In this phase, we also encourage confrontation (of accountability), to help individuals deal with unresolved issues and “Stinking Thinking” that may continue to sabotage a more proactive outlook, thinking, and/or behavior. As individuals gain employment, and other life building resources, not only do they share that information with the group, but they also share the group information with their resources.

Outreach is the result of the previous three phases, and the Theme of our Alumni

Our focus is to gain self awareness, and work on self, first. Then practice the principles learned, and utilize the tools gained, to bring light into our families by proactively participating in who we are becoming everyday. Then we go out into our communities, and are engaging and available, whenever and wherever needed. Freely helping others who are struggling just as we once were. Because now we understand that:

“When you choose to do something about who you are, and what you are, only then can you rectify, or change, where you are.”