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Vocational Training & Support

Our programs have been so successful that in September 2017 Arm & Arm was recognized as a recovery champion by Alexandria’s mayor. In October 2017 we moved to incorporate somatic, (body work), to complement its cognitive curriculum and leading to sustainable employment.

We established links with the state behavioral/mental health agencies, mental health, community- and faith-based organizations to address stigma and barriers to community inclusion encountered by returning citizens. This creates a sense of personal significance within individuals, leading to proactive and prosocial interests and behavior. The Arm & Arm membership/staff consists of individuals who have been outreached, engaged in programing, and embraced transformation through the empowerment of self and others as a result of world-view change produced through the cognitive and somatic programs. These programs create an environment where proactive, prosocial behavior becomes the new norm, while innovation and inclusion become the new path for bridging gaps between individuals, families and communities.

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